2012 Stingrey Classic

April 7th, 2012

Good Friday was a full day of beautiful bodies strutting the stage in Rey and Pebblz Ronquilio’s top notched show for Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini contestants.

The Jr. Stingrey young men opened the show and, I must admit, they posed like seasoned veterans. Hats off to these high schoolers. Keep it up!

In the Men’s Novice division, there were 5 lightweight, 10 middleweight and 5 heavyweight competitors. Here are the winners in each division:

1st place – Edgar Agonias, Jr.

2nd place – Bradley Ramos

3rd place – Sheldon Goya


1st place – Justin Sabio

2nd place – Kelly Valdez

3rd place – Herbert Carino


1st place – Alan Banas (Alan also won the Overall title and is my personal pic for Best Chest in the show!)

2nd place – Kevin Parmenter

3rd place – Skyler Fisher


I also want to recognize a couple other competitors in this category because they caught my attention. Props to middleweight competitor Neil Akai who gets my thumbs up for having the Best Arms of the show! I also want to call attention to another young man, Justin Lopez in the middleweight class who appears to have a great foundation to build on—you go!

Next was the Women’s Physique division (a relatively new category that recognizes moderate musculature and definition—somewhat between Bodybuilding and Figure standards). Here are the results:

1st place – Shauna Perry

2nd place – Ailina Eddins

3rd place – Lisa Koehn


The Men’s Masters division followed with two weight classes: Light and Heavy. These were the winners:

1st place – Chad Machado

2nd place – Daniel Arce

3rd place – Eassie Soares-Haae


1st place – Stan Aio (Stan clearly won the Overall title and he is my pick for the Best Body of the Show! Great job Stan!)

2nd place – David Feathera

3rd place – Allen Mahuka

(Sorry. I missed the group pic.)

In the Women’s Masters division, we saw more familiar faces. There were also two divisions: short and tall.

Short class:
1st place – Masayo Shibata (Masayo also took the Overall award. Congrats Masayo!)

2nd place – Melanie Tantisira

3rd place – Michell Thompson


Tall class:
1st place – Brandy Petersen

2nd place – Tanya Phillips

3rd place – Cathleen Huntley


I’d like to also recognize Tall class competitor, Tanya Borabora, who entered having lost 105 lbs. Wow! For that alone, you deserve an award. Congratulations Tanya!!!

The Women’s Figure division drew a fair number of contestants in three classes: Short (6), Medium (2), and Tall (7).

Short class:
1st place – Alexandra Cambra (Alexandra also won the Overall title.)

2nd place – Tyra Padello

3rd place - Noe Hokoana


Medium class:
1st place – Tami Mahuka

2nd place – Kerilyn Zinsman


Tall class:
1st place – Olya Meek

2nd place – Stefanie Basso

3rd place – Tabitha Ramirez


The Men’s Open division came next with 5 weight classes: Bantamweight (1), Lightweight (2), Middleweight (2), Light Heavyweight (3) and Heavyweight (3).

1st place – David Meek (David held his own with the big guys and came into the show in great form overall.)


1st place – Mark Agustin

2nd place – Kaleo Garcia


1st place – William Prince

2nd place – Anson Acain


Light Heavyweight:
1st place – Kendric Tyler

2nd place – Shaun Perry

3rd place – William Walton (Props to William who is a cancer survivor!)


1st place – Chad Mahuka (Chad also won the Overall title.)

2nd place – Amren Kekahuna

3rd place – Nick Lenzy

Photobucket Photobucket

The popular Bikini division drew 25 competitors in two classes: Short (14) and Tall (11).

Short class:
1st place – Bernice Maglalang (Bernice also took the Overall title. She was very pretty and had gorgeous skin that looked like butter-not kidding!)


2nd place – Lindsey Kamakana

3rd place – Stephany Sanchez


Tall class:
1st place – Amy Morgan

2nd place – Kristin Chong (who came with a huge cheering section, complete with signs!)

3rd place – Ann Carvalho


And last but not least, the Men’s Physique division where beach body type men strut their stuff in board shorts. There were 20 men in this division: Short (8) and Tall (12).

Short class:
1st place – Evan Arakawa

2nd place – Wayne Kouchi

3rd place – Tony Hansen

Tall class:
1st place – Kenneth Parker (Kenneth also took the Overall title.)


2nd place – Jeffery Velazquez

3rd place – Christopher DiPrete

Photobucket Photobucket

My final comments go out to all the competitors. I know how hard the training and diet are and, no matter what the outcome, you all deserve recognition for your hard work! Be proud of the effort you’ve made. Not everyone can handle the rigors of competition. My advice to those who want to continue to compete in Hawaii and in the sport period, review the judges scores and get feedback from the judges themselves. (Contact the Head Judge.) Most will make notes throughout the show and can offer valuable advice to help you improve. Nothing irks me more than competitors who look the same year after year, complain about their placing and never look into how they could be better. Like anything else, to do well it’s about continuous improvement.

Mahalo Rey and Pebblz for your tireless effort in putting together a grand show for all these competitors and to help the sport thrive!

*** I invite you to visit my website www.lifefitnet.com and participate in a short online survey that should take only 2-3 minutes to complete. No one’s personal, individual data is ever shared and the aggregated information is used to Build a Healthy Hawaii and better understand individual needs and preferences related to establishing healthy lifestyle habits. Mahalo for your support! 🙂 Lori

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The 2011 Ikaika Championships

July 10th, 2011


Yeah. I thought I’d get your attention with this close-up shot of guest poser, IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez.

Alan Ichinose brought The Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships from Maui to Honolulu with a great show last night at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall, featuring Men’s Bodybuilding and the new Men’s Physique division, as well as a Women’s Figure and Bikini competition.

This year, the women’s show was dominated by petite women. In each division, the short class women took the overall titles.

There were only two Women Figure Master division competitors but the short and overall winner, Masayo Copeland came in beautiful form (right). Brandy Petersen (left) won the tall class.


The Women’s Bikini tall class also went unchallenged with Woo Ae Fabro strutting her stuff to take home the trophy (top photo, left). The medium class was a toss-up with Molly Gresham pulling off a win (top photo, middle). Even the short class could have gone ether way, but Heather Hernandez (top photo, right) took 1st in her class and won the overall Bikini title (with the white bikini & flower).




The Women’s Figure started with Angela Yamashita (left) taking the short class and overall. The tall class went to a ripped Lei’a Twigg-Smith who has already established a name for herself in local bikini competitions.


The Men’s Novice division kicked-off the show with a surprising win going to Ben “Buddah” Kahihikolo (on left of first photo). There were only two classes and the heavyweight winner, Nick Lenzy, cleaned up by also taking the overall and Best Poser awards (left of second photo anin third photo).




The Men’s Masters lightweight title was picked up by Leo Scanlan (who also took home the Best Poser trophy) and the Masters heavyweight went to veteran competitor Kamuela Chun. (FYI-He took second in last year’s National Masters 50 and older category and will be heading off to Pittsburg shortly aiming to take the title. Good luck Kamuela!) Leo is in the middle of the three on the right side of the first photo. Kamuela is at right.

Photobucket Photobucket

The Men’s Physique was a hot competition with some of the men looking a lot like bodybuilders. But the judging proved that this division is NOT about massive muscle. As we shared last weekend, the new category is perfect for the fit beach hunk or cover guy. Big bulging muscles do not have a leg up on the rest. To the surprise of the audience, the cute “baby” of the group (19 year old), Mikah Kawaguchi, took the short class title (shown in the solid blue-green shorts in the first photo). The tall class (middle photo) was very competitive with some pretty muscular guys. The best Physique in the tall class (and overall) was Alim Shabazz (in the red shorts)--who was my pick from the very beginning. He had a beautiful balanced physique with more than enough muscle-tone but not so much that he looked like a bodybuilder.

Photobucket Photobucket

I anticipate a growing interest in Men’s Physique in the future!

The Men’s Open Bodybuilding competition presented some hard-trained bods. The lightweight class went to Marcus Allen who had great legs.

Photobucket Photobucket

The middleweight class was the most competitive bodybuilding class of the show, with the 1st place award going to Wade Chandler. Wade was in top form—thickly muscled and ripped!

Photobucket Photobucket

The light-heavy class went to the lean Jose Pacheco, Jr. (right of first photo), shown here with the heavyweight and overall Men’s Open winner, Brian Copeland (left of first photo and alone in the right photo). Looks like Copeland is on his way to bigger things (national competition). FYI-Winners here qualify for Nationals.

Photobucket Photobucket

The highlight of the evening was massive Victor Martinez who had everyone at the edge of their seats as he came into the crowd and actually stood on the seats to strike some poses. Talk about huge!


Last year, local competitors missed the Hawaiian Islands when the past promoter canceled. But thanks to Alan Ichinose’s commitment to the sport and local athletes, buff bodies throughout our islands now have another venue to present the result of their months of hard work.

Congratulations to all the competitors! You all deserve props for enduring the training, dieting and hours of preparation!

*** I invite you to visit my website www.lifefitnet.com and participate in a short online survey that should take only 2-3 minutes to complete. No one’s personal, individual data is ever shared and the aggregated information is used to Build a Healthy Hawaii and better understand individual needs and preferences related to establishing healthy lifestyle habits. Mahalo for your support! 🙂 Lori

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What Happened to Women’s Bodybuilding?

July 6th, 2009

This is what I asked myself after leaving the sport to raise a family and work in the corporate world, then returning to see a big change. Now there’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini (as sanctioned events)… not to mention the typical beauty pageant.


Apparently today…

¨Bodybuilding is for all out muscle-heads, going for mass and cuts.

¨Fitness is for fit gymnastic types demonstrating their strength, flexibility and agility with flips, splits and one-handed push-ups.

¨Figure is for feminine, toned women who just stand and walk.

¨Bikini is for the physically attractive who also stand and walk, but muscle tone is not a factor.


Twenty-five years ago the topic was already being discussed about whether women’s bodybuilding should go down the “muscular” path or “feminine” path. When I won the Nationals, I guess I leaned more so on the feminine side but the second place finisher was definitely more muscular and cut. They were obviously confused. At the top were the Rachel McLish-type versus the Bev Francis-type. The public bought into Rachel and treated Bev as somewhat of an anomaly—until more women came in beefy. I personally have the ultimate respect for Bev Francis for her incredible strength, humility and her effort to penetrate bodybuilding and beg the question… what are you looking for in women’s bodybuilding? Then along came Cory Everson who had both, a beautiful look and musculature to match. But then, what happened to the sport?


It is my opinion that we have diluted the sport so that practically anyone can compete in something and win and we have reduced beautifully-toned, trained women to figurines. What’s wrong with women flexing their stuff and still looking feminine? Most women, even though they train as hard as their male counterparts, cannot get massively muscular without taking something anyway.


The solution was pretty simple. Instead of turning these beautiful yet muscularly-toned women into dolls, all they had to do was to make only those with aesthetically pleasing and attractive physiques win—not those with massive, manly looking physiques. They didn’t have to create new categories of competition for every variation and only allow massive women to flex. You can have your high heels round if you like but include a flexing round to still show a woman with beautiful, toned musculature.


At any rate, it pains me every time I see nicely muscular women, standing in high heels simply doing model turns. For Figure contestants, it is a trained physique that you are supposed to be showing yet you can’t even show all that you have trained so hard for because the rules dictate that you just stand, turn and walk.


The sport (with the creation of the Figure category) is even more subjective now because you have eliminated the opportunity where contestants truly demonstrate to judges the fruits of their labor by exhibiting their tone and development. What man (I mean who) made that decision?


With that, I salute those who train hard to earn their physique or excel at their chosen sport. We should relish and reward those who demonstrate such dedication, not just with an award but with the venue to tout their accomplishments in all their glory.


This is my humble opinion. I’m disappointed but still wish to support those who train hard to Be Strong Live Long. I have wonderful memories of training hard for competition and being allowed to show all that I worked for in poses. I worked with a professional dancer for hours polishing my routine and practiced posing for at least an hour a day. We had real suntans back then, not painted on ones. It was a sport that took years of hard training and preparation to make it to the top. I am so glad I had the chance to live the full experience back in the day because that opportunity doesn't exist in today's competitive landscape even for women who successfully blend femininity and muscle tone.



*** THANK YOU to all of you who have completed the general health survey. For those who haven’t, I invite you to participate and build a Healthy Hawaii. Please visit my website www.lifefitnet.com. It is a short 12-question online survey that should take only 2-3 minutes to complete. Mahalo for your support! 🙂 Lori

Stingrey Classic Show

April 18th, 2009

Bonus Blog. Yesterday I had the opportunity to judge the Stingrey Classic Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships and the place was pumping!



Thought I’d grab your attention with the mass of Brandon Curry, guest poser, who won the 2008 USA Bodybuilding Championships. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of Mike O’Hearn (known on the television series American Gladiators as “Titan”) who was in top form as a guest poser as well.  Look him up.


Here’s the line-up of show winners:


Mens’ Novice

          Lightweight and Overall – Joe Lauro, Jr.

          Middleweight – Derek Popa

          Heavyweight – Rex Bumanglag


Men’s Masters

          Lightweight – Kiyoshi Fujii

          Heavyweight – Allen Mahuka


Men’s Open

          Lightweight – Eddie Damasco

          Middleweight – Caleb Sun

          Light Heavyweight  and Overall – Bernard Landford

          Heavyweight – Ed Hoggett


Women’s Fitness – Blossom Caballero


Women’s Bikini – Jacqueline Geringer


Women’s Figure – Susan Souazar



This event is a National Qualifier. I particularly wanted to mention that Bernard Landford and Susan Souazar were in impressive form with balanced musculature, an appealing look, and the ability to present themselves well on stage. Congratulations to all on a job well done.




Promoters Rey and Pebblz Ronquilio put on a fantastic, entertaining event to a full house.


On hand were some of Hawaii’s best…





Augie T who MC’d the evening show had everyone laughing their socks off!





Guy Leong, long time promoter of the Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championships held in November.





Hawaii’s best bodybuilders from the past and future were judging: Alan Ichinose (1988 Mr. USA, 1989 Nationals Winner and one of Hawaii's all-time best bods) and Steven Preza (2008 Paradise Cup Champion who has thick musculature and awesome symmetry and will be heading to the USA in August). Best wishes to Steve!





The gang was all here. I can’t forget to mention Guy’s beautiful partner, Laurell (in yellow), who is the most bubbly and friendly person you’ll meet and the gorgeous Pebblz Ronquilio, the 2006 Mrs. Hawaii.


I wasn't able to catch our Head Judge Cindy Lee and her husband Jackson Lee, local icons who have served the sport for nearly three decades. Thank you for all your hard work!


A BIG MAHALO to Rey and Pebblz for a grand event!