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Shape-up with Baby

August 25th, 2013

Don't let having a new baby get you 'down and out' of your active lifestyle or your pre-baby shape. Sure, some things may never be the same again but you will bounce back a lot quicker and better shaping up with baby...and baby will enjoy the journey too.

Here are a number of exercises for a great full body workout. You'll be back in shape in no time!

For shaping up your legs and butt, these squats, lunges, glute presses and leg extensions with baby are great for toning!


For core strengthening and toning, plank over baby and patty cake crunches are beneficial for you and fun for baby.


For upper body toning, baby press or pushups will tone your chest and arms; baby overhead lift is great for shoulders and arms; and baby curls will give you beautiful biceps.


Your exercise time can also be baby's play time. It's a win-win! Enjoy your shape-up with baby!

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