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Active Play

August 18th, 2013

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Whether you have kids who are busy in sports or kids that you need to pry away from the computer or television, active family play should be on the agenda. There are many fun ways to keep active as a family that won't require expense admission or a costly equipment investment.

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Not can the family stay physically active and pass time, here are a dozen great ways to have fun together.

  1. Hopscotch - Using chalk, make fun hopscotch paths in all sorts of configurations outside. It will wash away easily too.
  2. Fly a Kite - Make several different designs together and see which will fly the best.
  3. Ball Throw - This can go well beyond just regular catch...throw high, throw far, fielding, do tricks or find a target to throw in or at.
  4. Kickball - There are a variety of kicking games too...ball steal, kicking around obstacles, distance or high kicks.
  5. Juggling - Juggling can be great fun, even for uncoordinated people like me!
  6. Jumping rope - Jumping rope is great exercise as you count, jump on one leg, double jump, skip, and figure out new tricks.
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  8. Obstacle course - There are many ways to create an obstacle course with whatever you have around the house. Include some items from this list, work your way around the yard or house, and add in other fun tricks or games (i.e. balancing a broom stick, carrying an egg with chopsticks, etc.) Be creative.
  9. 8. Frisbee - There are some fancy frisbees out there but even a cheap basic frisbee can work just fine.
  10. Tag - This might require four or more people but tag can be trickier when done like flag football.

10. Charades - Young and old always enjoy charades.

11. Water balloon - On these hot summer days, water balloon play is not only fun but will keep you cool too. You might purposely get hit.

12. Balloon volleyball -  Blow up a plain latex balloon and play a friendly volleyball game.

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It doesn't take a lot of money or anything fancy to entertain the whole family. Enjoy active play together and create memories that everyone will appreciate for years to come.

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