Be Strong Live Long


July 8th, 2013

I am at the age where "anti-aging" is a daily thought. I see my parents (in their 80s) experiencing difficulty with the simple tasks. I listen to them grumble about getting old. I look in the mirror and see lines and wrinkles that I know didn't exist a decade ago. I now sleep on my back so that my face isn't all wrinkled in the morning. I hate it! Help!

Here are 10 Anti-aging tips:

#! - Attitude is everything! You are as old as you think. Perhaps there is something generational to this. My parents seem to be of the mindset of "aging gracefully." They accept aging as something natural that you cannot prevent, so you must accept it. I, on the other hand, plan on going down kicking and screaming...continuing to "challenge" mother nature until my last breath! Whichever way you look at it, I think it's important to keep a positive attitude about yourself, your life and the world around you.

#2 - Don't smoke. There has been enough research about this one--not only about aging but health in general.

#3 - Stimulate your brain! Studies have shown that educated women had few instances of Alzeimer's disease. So keep up with current affairs, socialize, read, and do things to challenge your mind.

#4 - Eat well. No crazy diets. Just eat a healthy, fresh, well-balanced diet. Get enough protein throughout the day, eat lots of vegetables, eat whole grains and fresh fruit. Stay hydrated. Limit your alcohol.

#5 - Exercise. Stay physically active. Include cardio, strength, range of movement and balance training into your program.

#6 - Spiritual peace. Whether you are religious or not, you can still enjoy a level of spiritual peace to help you through life's difficulties, deal with stress, offer you support and comfort, and give you strength.

#7 - Sleep. Don't underestimate the importance of sleep--quality and quantity matters. Research shows that with less than 6 hours of sleep you are at greater risk for heart attack, as well as affecting your function, recuperation, diet, etc.

#8 - Wrinkle reducer. Select a wrinkle reducer containing retinol. Looking better can help you feel better. And, yes, putting hemorrhoid cream does work to reduce puffiness and swelling under the eyes. And sunscreen is a must for all outdoor activity.

#9 - Take supplements. We can't always eat all the right foods with all the nutrients needed. Consider supplementation (multi-vitamins/minerals, anti-oxidants, B vitamins, etc.).

#10  - Hormone therapy, if necessary. Hormone levels can change as we age and hormone therapy may be helpful solution.

So whether you are "aging gracefully" or "going down kicking the screaming," these will help you carry on looking and feeling good, being healthy and aging well.

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6 Responses to “Aging....Slowly?”

  1. Ukuhead:

    How does being immature fit into this picture???

  2. Jay:

    Age is just a number. Lori,you going to live to 100. You always will be fit. And you look like 20 years old right now.

  3. Lori Okami:

    Hey Ukuhead!
    Yeah! That keeps you totally young! (Oh, did you mean you or somebody else?) LOL 🙂

    Hi Jay!
    You are wayyyyy too kind. I sure wish I looked 20. At least I keep trying...not to be 20 but just living up to whatever my potential is no matter what the age. You do a great job too! Keep it up!!! It takes work but so worth it.

    Have a great week! Think young!

  4. Mike Hu:

    People aren't in "poor health" because they're old.

    They're "old" because they're in poor health.

    The problem is that many in poor health, are called "normal," because they're old.

  5. Lori Okami:

    Hi Mike!
    You are totally right! And it doesn't even have to start as a senior. I hear from many in their 30s and 40s already starting to blame all sorts of ailments on age, when in fact it has everything to do with their inactivity, eating habits and lifestyle. I guess it's a lot easier to just blame age.

  6. Mike Hu:

    Anybody growing up in Hawaii knows that they already start hearing people rationalizing their bad (health) habits at 20 to "old age."

    The effects of bad health habits begin to accumulate throughout their lives but can always be reversed (and eliminated) with good health practices -- at any time. But one has to change their thinking first -- or they are just reinforcing the status quo, which is the very problem of culture in Hawaii -- to reinforce the "old ways" even if better ways are being discovered as the very reason for life and existence.

    That is what "evolution" and "progress" is all about -- the better ways survive, and the many things that don't work, don't survive -- with good reason. That has disastrous effects if one is conditioned to believed that they can't change or should never change -- because that is the way they are, and who they are -- because their whole conditioning and orientation in life, is merely to protect the status quo.

    One has to be "discriminating" or discerning those differences that really matter and make a difference, instead of promoting that all discrimination is wrong, and should never be practiced. Discrimination is not prejudice, but the very antidote to prejudice -- because it means to look into the facts, and not just continuing with what one believes -- no matter what the facts are. And that is what it means to be prejudiced -- to have one's mind already made up and set for life -- despite what their senses are telling them -- that what they are doing, is killing themselves.

    But that is the fate they accept, and the lives they live -- because that is the best they can hope for, since it is already "Paradise" -- no matter what they do. But "doing," makes all the difference in their lives, and is the meaning of it, and the obvious result of that living. It's a simple thing -- that people want to complicate and make very hard, instead of realizing, that is the easiest way to live -- without the health problems, including aging -- which is a sign that whatever one is doing, is not working, but another way might. And that's what they have to find -- sometime in their lives before it is over -- a way that works, and nothing else is more important for them to do -- especially in "retirement," or getting older.

    The quantum leap in thinking, is that it doesn't have to be what most people have been conditioned to think it has to be -- which doesn't work as they get older, because their primary purpose was to eliminate the competition, rather than optimize human functioning -- which is an entirely different matter altogether. Previously in history, most people didn't live to old age -- being eliminated by wars, diseases, famine, catastrophes -- but now when most people do, what is the strategy for optimizing a lengthy life, has to be created anew -- and not just accepting the old paradigm of dying each day once one has survived the perilous childhood years.