Be Strong Live Long

Happy Father's Day!

June 16th, 2013

I have been blessed with a wonderful father and it has been heart-warming to see that there are many great fathers out there.

This is to CELEBRATE all you great fathers and THANK YOU for the sacrifices and commitments made. More and more fathers are totally involved with their kids--not only in sports but doing everything, including what used to be thought of as mom's, cooking, ironing, cleaning, ponytails and even make-up (if necessary). Basically, today's fathers can and will do whatever the family needs and are no longer held to those old-time gender-specific roles. Hooray!

Frankly, I think our kids are so much better off today having equal participation from both parents. Thank you dads for doing your part to ensure that the kids are healthy, happy, responsible, and have a well-balanced perspective on life.

Cheers to the great dads who coach sports, who are there for homework and projects, who play ball and patiently teach skills, who go hiking after a long work week, who serve as great examples, who are there to guide, lead and sometimes follow.

The same goes for the father substitutes--the mother's who fulfill both roles, those who step-in in the absence of fathers, and those who are there at times offering fatherly advice that can be life-changing.

I have had coaches, friends and bosses who have influenced and enabled me to learn and grow. My children have also benefited greatly from our friends' fathers, scout leaders, and grandfathers.

There are many Fathers and father-like figures to honor today. Thank you to all who have taken the time to share your fatherly blessings.

Be strong, Live long.

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