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Hanauma Hike

June 11th, 2013

I can't believe that I've lived here my whole life and have never hiked the Hanauma trail.

It was very easy and convenient to get to, there were no parking issues and (on this occasion) no crowds of people to share the trail with. My only warning would be to make sure you put sunscreen on before you head out and bring lots of water. Unlike the other mountain trails in the area, there aren't shade trees whatsoever along the way.

Right off Kalanianaole Highway headed eastbound toward Hanauma Bay, pass Koko Marina and the residential area on the right, you will see this sign and to the right is the shortcut to the ridgeline trail.

 photo 061113132_zps083e70a5.jpg  photo 061113131_zpsdde05fbf.jpg

After a few dozen yards upward you will quickly notice the fantastic view of Hawaii Kai and Hanauma Bay--a vantage point that you wouldn't otherwise get to enjoy. And it didn't take much work to get their either.

 photo 061113096_zps070312aa.jpg

We chose to head down the first trail to the left which overlooked the right side of the bay. It was a little scary scaling down the dry graveled dirt path while seeing nothing but cliff and ocean below, but we made it slowly and surely. At least we knew where we were headed. The path was clear.

 photo 061113103_zps31fd5d40.jpg

There is an almost eerie crater containing a graveyard of dried keawe to the right of the path. Signage indicated ancient Hawaiian significance so we happily circled the crater instead. Our reward was a view never had. At the south-eastern tip of Oahu, the bay looked gorgeous and the ocean view quickly served to de-stress.

 photo 061113108_zpsc04182c2.jpg  photo 061113121_zpsc5d25bc1.jpg  photo 061113119_zpsb3b36cda.jpg

Rounding the southern edge to head up the opposite side ridge, we found another path to water's edge. We stumbled upon fishermen's 'not-so-secret' spot, reminding us of Bamboo Ridge, which always leaves me in wonder about how the heck they found such a location, toted supplies and materials there, and were able to construct these structures. Amazing.

 photo 061113127_zps5ddb8045.jpg

Here were some of the sites along the way that I had to share. It had a desert look and feel, but beautiful nonetheless.

 photo 061113128_zps57c5ea87.jpg  photo 061113101_zpsdd9ba17e.jpg
 photo 061113125_zps5ab70f50.jpg  photo 061113102_zps3b593f67.jpg

Don't forget the sunscreen and water!

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