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Healthy Change is Happening

February 10th, 2013


Years ago we talked about all the changes that are needed and how we can help move things in a healthier direction by showing the 'power in our purchase.'

Well, the change we hoped for is budding and it's happening a lot quicker than I ever expected. Just take a look around...

... I see healthier choices even in vending machines--of all places!

... a number of restaurants are now serving brown rice as an option--and not always at a higher price.

... you'll find more and more menus with a healthy choice section--even L&L Drive-In!

... the healthy options are not bland veggie burgers and salads but actual tasty meals.

... not only are there so many new health and fitness phone aps available but people are actively using them as part of their healthy regimen.

... more and more vegan restaurants are popping up and they are in convenient locations and very trendy.

...even Food Network is jumping in with Paula Dean's son, Bobby, putting a leaner twist to his Mama's meals.


... and one of the most popular Iron Chefs is promoting healthy living in "Bobby Flay Fit."


... have you noticed that even our favorite confectioner, Hershey's, has come out with a variety of 30% less fat chocolates.


... check out Costco's snack section and you'll notice more and more of them advertising fat-free or protein.

... glance over at the wagons of others and you'll see more and more with skim and low-fat milk rather than the whole fat option.

... so many more popular companies are coming out with prepared foods that are much lower in calories and fat.

... more lower salt choices--from bacon to snack nuts.

... farmers markets are booming, everywhere from downtown to the East, West and North sides of the island.

I'm thrilled with the changes I see and suspect that it will only grow bigger and bigger. Let's keep supporting the businesses that bring us healthy options--whether you are dining out or stocking up at Costco. The bottom line still is that they will carry what sells! If FAT sells, they'll stock it. If HEALTHY sells, they'll stock it. Keep showing them that HEALTHY is preferred!

Live well. Be well.

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3 Responses to “Healthy Change is Happening”

  1. Bob:

    Yes, the "Global Village" we now live in is bringing healthful food to every part of the globe healthful food that used to be hard to find. Yesterday, on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans where I live, I was able to buy purple sweet potatoes from Okinawa (that help some folks on that island live into their 90s or more), kiwi fruit from New Zealand (rich in Vitamin C), and, transported from California, whole grain black Japonica rice, rich in anthocyanins (like the Okinawa potatoes), high protein red lentils from Turkey, and red curled kale. This sure beats the hot dogs and fried potatoes I might have had to settle for 30 years ago.


  2. Jeri:

    Hi Lori,
    I LOVE that there are more healthy choices out there. Also I just got a smartphone...are there any fitness apps you recommend? Thanks!

  3. Lori Okami:

    HI Bob!
    cool! Had a chance to visit New Orleans wayyyyyy back when I competed in the Nationals. Had a chance to try Breakfast at Brennan's....Yum! Yes, that's one of the benefits of our great shrinking world.

    Aloha Jeri!
    So many are finding My Fitness Pal useful. There are many out there and you've got to find the one that clicks for you. Some are better at food tracking...exercise tracking...sleep tracking...etc. They are fun to test and keep it interesting!