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12-Week Shape-Up

November 18th, 2012


I began this journey two weeks ago and someone suggested that I blog about it in detail. Yes, that means that I will be dieting and training through the holiday season. How crazy is that?!

Why have I embarked on this journey? Well, it’s a long story but basically, I’m out to prove that even as I approach the big 5 0, I can still be in top physical shape—enough to be a figure or physique competition contender—whether or not I actually pursue competition again. It wasn’t enough for me to speculate that I could still do it. I have to prove it. So here I am. Proving to doubters (and myself) that I STILL CAN!

I began on November 3 with a diet and training program reminiscent of the ‘old days’ back in the 80s. Since I’ve been rather sporadic with the workouts for the past 6-9 months because of work, I decided to start with two weeks of basic strength training just to get my body back into condition. Now that my two weeks of muscle conditioning are behind me, I will be incorporating interval training with my predominantly resistance/bodybuilding training workouts. I limit my cardio to twice a week because I am not far off from my target weight of 107 lbs.

I’d put on some weight over recent months, starting off at 112.4 lbs. I’m already down 3.4 lbs from the start (now weighing 109) and lost 1.3% bodyfat (at 19.3% now from 20.6% at the beginning), and my weight this week has been holding, which is ideal.

As for diet, which is probably the most important part of this shape-up journey, I’ve been aiming for between 1,000-1,200 calories. While I’ve targeted between 20-25% fat, 25% protein, and 50-55% carbs, I found myself closer to 25% fat, 30% protein and 45% carbs. However, as I step up my training, it should shift back.

I’m staying away from dairy, alcohol and red meat (red meat only because it just feels a bit more difficult for me to digest). I’ve been having small meals throughout the day. Here is an example of what a day’s meals might look like:


½ cup Kashi wheat cereal

1 cup plain soy milk

1/8 cup granola

2 tablespoon craisins


1 hard-boiled egg


1 grilled chicken breast

½ cup brown rice

3 oz. carrot sticks

PM snack:

1 rice cake w/ 1 tablespoon peanut butter


1 cup steamed vegetables

2-3 oz. grilled salmon


1 fruit or ½ serving protein drink

Let’s see how the forthcoming week progresses as I step up the training a bit. I will make adjustments as needed and will record these changes as the weeks go on. I’ll be tweeting too…@bstronglivelong. Join me!

FYI – I will probably allow myself 3 “cheat” days—Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, but I won’t go too far overboard. I don’t think it’ll matter as long as I stick to the program the rest of the time. See. I’m not THAT crazy!

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10 Responses to “12-Week Shape-Up”

  1. Oldtimer:

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you can -- and WILL -- do it, Lori. I'm sure I've never met anyone as focused, determined, strong, and possessed of such a steely willpower as yourself! Now if you'll only promise to share a pictorial history of your journey, it will be Christmas come early!

  2. Ukuhead:

    No better way to hold yourself accountable than to throw it out on the internet...

    You'll do great.

  3. Jay:

    You can do it!!!. And I know you will Lori. You go Girl !!!

  4. theDman:


    What is the calorie count on your daily diet?

  5. theDman:

    Whoops! Hit the submit button too soon...

    anyway, my guess at the count is closer to 900 than 1000-1200.

  6. betterlatethannever:

    5-0? Not 4-0?
    Wow, if that's your daily diet... Impressive!
    Guess I've been cheating every day. But of course it's never too late to start.
    Happy journey Lori.

  7. Lori Okami:

    Thank you Oldtimer! You are too kind. Let me think about the Christmas gift. I usually stay far away from cameras unless I'm in tip-top shape. 🙂

    Hey Ukuhead! That's exactly why. It's tough to stay motivated otherwise...especially with the holidays coming up. So I decided to REALLY stick my neck out--announce it AND do it during the holidays.

    Thanks Jay! Appreciate the support!

    Hey theDman! Calorie count has been averaging about 1,000. Week one averaged 1050. Week 2 averaged 950.

    Hi betterlatethannever!
    Ha. I wish 4 0. Just remember that I'm a 109 lb female. You guys have to eat much more than me. We wouldn't want you all to starve to death.

    Thanks all for the supportive comments! We will see how it goes....

  8. Dale:

    I know you'll do it Lori. Can't wait to see you compete again. Bet you'll give those young competitors a run for their money.

  9. Bob:

    Tell us what exercises you are doing, including the reps, sets, and weights. Knowing your weight routine would be a big inspiration to those of us over 50 and really educational.

  10. Lori Okami:

    Hey Dale!
    I'm not sure I'll ever make it back to competition, but I'll at least be in tip top shape and be strong and healthy!

    Hey Bob!
    Sure. I will post the workout on Sunday that I've been doing for this 12-week program. Working on recording it now, plus a one month update.

    Thanks guys!