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Constructive vs Destructive

October 27th, 2010


Good health comes from life balance. As a quick exercise, audit your behavior to see whether you generally lead constructive or destructive habits in each of these areas. Of course, life changes and destructive actions may be only temporary. As a whole, keep them constructive.

Health Behavior Audit

1 Weight Management (Being overweight leads to numerous health issues.)
___ Constructive: You ARE within 10% of your ideal weight.
___ Destructive: You ARE NOT within 10% of your ideal weight.

2 Health Checks & Status (Health checks tell you where you stand and may give you early warning signs.)
___ Constructive: You GET annual exams and all recommended health checks.
___ Destructive: You DO NOT get annual exams and all recommended health checks.

3 Activity & Exercise (Exercise is not an option. The human body needs physical activity/exercise to achieve and maintain health.)
___ Constructive: You GET near daily activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes per session.
___ Destructive: You DO NOT get near daily activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes per session.

4 Eating Habits (3 regular balanced meals and food selection are critical to good health.)
___ Constructive: You DO eat 3 balanced meals per day. Eat fresh whole foods. No meal skipping.
___ Destructive: You DO NOT get 3 balanced meals per day or fresh, whole foods. You skip meals regularly.

5 Rest (Rest affects healing, building, maintenance and metabolism.)
___ Constructive: You generally GET sufficient rest.
___ Destructive: You frequently DO NOT get sufficient rest.

6 Stress Management (Stress can be detrimental to your physical, mental & emotional well-being.)
___ Constructive: You DO NOT experience negative stress effects.
___ Destructive: You DO experience negative stress effects.

7 Relationship Satisfaction (Humans are social beings. It is important to be satisfied with your relationships.)
___ Constructive: You ARE content with your life relationships.
___ Destructive: You ARE NOT content with your life relationships.

8 Mental & Spiritual Well-being (Whether you find peace in religion or other forms, good health requires a sense of spiritual peace.)
___ Constructive: You ARE at peace and have a positive outlook on life.
___ Destructive: You ARE NOT at peace and DO NOT have a positive outlook on life.

9 Work & Contribution (Whether it is work or personal contribution, it's important to do so.)
___ Constructive: You ARE content with your contribution to work or others.
___ Destructive: You ARE NOT content with your contribution to work or others.

10 Lifestyle Habits (Other habits such as smoking, drinking and risky activities affect your health.)
___ Constructive: Don't smoke, little alcohol and few risky activities.
___ Destructive: Smoke, excessive alcohol, or high risk activities

If your behaviors tend to lean toward the destructive side, you may not feel it’s a problem in the short-run. In the long-run though, it could really take a toll on your health and well-being. If three (or more) of the ten are destructive, it may be time for corrective action.

12 Responses to “Constructive vs Destructive”

  1. tman:

    Eight C's, two D's.

  2. NeedaHobby:

    Uh oh. Several Ds for me that I need to work on. On a side note, went to IHOP yesterday and they had healthy choices on their menu! I was able to order a veggie omelette with a side of fruit.

  3. Ukuhead:

    Got a couple of D's. The biggest one is that I need to get more sleep...

  4. Ukuhead:

    Needahobby: Don't go to IHOP much, but the one we went to in Cali had the calories listed for each menu item. Do they have that here too??? Most of the breakfast's had almost a whole day's worth of calories...

  5. betterlatethannever:

    Good thing my pen ran out of ink before I got 3 D's. Wonder if light beer qualifies for a C? Man that #7 is a pesky one!

  6. Ukuhead:

    #7 was an easy one for me. My wife told me that I'm extremely content. 😉

  7. Lori Okami:

    Hey tman!
    Two is pretty good. I'd say I have two also. Of course, the weighting on these could vary at points in time but, nevertheless, ideally should be more constructive than destructive.

    Hi NeedaHobby!
    Breakfast at iHop sounded good....until Ukuhead shared his little tidbit of information on calories. (Yikes!)

    Hey Ukuhead!
    Very common. I don't think people put enough value on getting enough rest. Work and life responsibilities frequently get in the way, huh?! Hard to keep pace sometimes.

    Hey there betterlatethannever!
    Always trying to work the system. Got you on #7. That's a tough one, yeah! Ukuhead's got it.

    Hi again Ukuhead!
    Smart man. You saved yourself a "D" for #6 (stress) just by listening to your wife about #7. Good job!

    Thanks all!

  8. NeedaHobby:

    @Ukuhead - I only saw the calories listed for the "healthy" choices at IHOP.

  9. Ukuhead:

    @NeedaHobby: Thanks... I was kinda surprised that they listed calories for all the meals. Makes it hard to order the regular meals.

    Got more posts than the host... Sorry, Not trying to hijack this blog...

  10. Lori Okami:

    Love it Ukuhead. No worries.

  11. mufasah:

    write an article on unhealthy footwear for women. high spikey heels are a killer on body-spine alignment.

  12. Lori Okami:

    Hey mufasah!
    Good one! Been there, done that...everyday heels, contracted hamstrings, tight back. And the heavy handbag always being carried on one shoulder.